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Updated twice a day, featuring our favorite "prince" heroine; Tenjō Utena!
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Adolescence of Utena (1999).
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7 Notes / Wed Jul 6th, 2011 reblog aqua-reflection Asked: "Hello. Even though I'm asking this as bishojosenshisailor moon I also run shojokakumeiutena. I saw that you got your Utena box set from rightstuf. I had some questions over your box. From what I've seen on this forums many have complained that the boxes have white scuff marks and some say that their boxes are lopsided. (I would provide the link to the forum so you could see for yourself but tumblr doesn't allow questions with links). Did your box set come with any problems? I myself am thinking of buying the box sets and would like to know if your box set has any similar problems so I can decide whether or not to buy it. Thanks in advance and I love your blog :)"


Hello! Thank you very much for the message. :) I was just checking through your blog (bishojosenshisailormoon) and I really love your graphics! They’re very beautiful! :D 

I can’t really complain too much about the set. I honestly haven’t read any reviews about it as of yet (I wanted to watch all of the episodes and get through the extra content first before I made a review myself), but I could see some people be picky about the release.

The best way to put it would be to say that this is a box set that was made to be affordable. It is in no way comparable to the Japanese release—sets from people who always use really high quality materials for remasters such as these. That being said, let me also point out that I made my purchase primarily for the quality of the video/audio, not the packaging. The packaging isn’t distracting enough to me to make me, a big fan of the series, not purchase it.

In my boxset my main complaint is the actual box that holds the DVDs. The cases for each DVD was beautiful, in-tact, and had high quality prints for both the slipcase and the disk itself. The box on the outside wasn’t scuffed like some other’s (thankfully, reading that), but the back of the box has a sticker for the layout as oppose to the side/spine and front cover. I’m really baffled as to why only the backside had this. The front/spine are both printed actually on the cardboard, but the back for some reason has some crappy glued on coverstock/cardstock paper. Not only that, but due to either humidity in my house or from them not sealing it properly, the page is peeling up on the one side on the back of the box.

This, of course, is easily fixed by some Elmer’s or double-sided tape, but again that’s if that sort of thing bothers you. Unless you’re really looking extremely closely you can’t even notice a thing.

Is it worth $29.99? In my opinion, I would say absolutely yes. If it were any more than that, I wouldn’t pay for it. I’m coming from a background of fansub VHS tapes of horrible quality, followed by an equally horrible dub haha. :’D I’m extremely pleased to watch this in remastered print with 5.1 Japanese audio, and that was my entire motivation for purchase instead of torrenting newer fansubs.

My only other complaint is the font they used for the subtitles. It is a VAST HUGE improvement from the horrible subs we’ve seen in the original official releases (forest green in Arial? Really guys?), but it’s a little too static and pixelated for my picky tastes.  If I had the option on my player to edit the font style or at least have the option for softsubs so they were softer looking, I would have been more pleased.

I’m currently watching the final disk in the set and have not had any problems with quality, skipping, or sub-timing. If I notice any other glitches I’ll be sure to post about them! :D  And if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

EDIT: Since this message I have pulled off the back “sticker” of cardstock in an attempt to mend it, and found another image on the back of the box. :) It’s this image: here. The crappy glue job was to keep it from pulling off the black sheen to the box, which makes all the more sense. I retract my statement and further encourage any purchase at the $29.99 price point. :)